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Driving in the Dominican Republic requires full concentration, extra caution and quick reflexes. 


Watch out for the potholes on many of the roads, specially if driving at night.


Be sure to respect traffic laws although they are ignored a good percentage of the time.


Motorcycles, guaguas (public buses) and public cars tend to disregard traffic laws. They will pass very closely on all sides, sometimes even going the wrong way or outside of their corresponding lane. Expect this style of driving from anyone in the D.R. As well, motorcycles can be difficult to see, specially at night as many drivers don’t use their headlights, so make sure that you drive defensively and keep a look out for any dangers ahead.


Watch out for horses, cows and other animals. They move slowly and are sometimes found crossing the road.


Parking in most areas tends to be free. When parking on the side of the road make sure your vehicle is parrallel and close to the curb. Some private venues may charge for parking.


The police will sometimes carry out road checks. They are normally done to verify whether you have the correct documents. Be sure to always have your seatbelt on and a valid driver's liscence. Your insurance papers will be in the glove box.


Gasoline is between US$5 and US$6 per gallon. Some stations take credit cards. Be sure to keep an eye on the attendants, to make sure they zero the pump before filling.


Expect anything from the local drivers and be very cautious!


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